Heidi’s Detox Footspa

Detox Footspa

My water started clear and gradually turned dirty looking. These are my feet after 6 months with no detox treatment!

Based on my personal experience and the experiences of many others, the detoxification process helps to:

  • helps to boost your immune system
  • helps to sleep more soundly
  • helps to enhance digestion
  • helps to increase mental alertness and energy levels
  • helps to lose unwanted weight
  • helps to increase concentration
  • helps to eliminate toxins
  • helps to eliminate heavy metals
  • helps to feel healthier in general

“Felt fantastic afterwards with a lot more energy! Well worth doing you can see the toxins coming out through your feet! Thank you.”

“It was the best detox that I’ve had! Felt fantastic afterwards, had so much energy and it was a great kick start to eating better. Heidi is so positive to be around too!!”

“Really worthwhile! Went with a headache and came away headache free and feeling great. Really recommend”

“Have enjoyed the benefits of Heidi’s foot-spa. When i started i had injured my foot had (heel spur) or fasciitis planter. After a course of 3treatments im back to doing step class and jogging again, pain is all gone. I left every session feeling relaxed rejuvenated and full of energy. Thank you Heidi.”