Heidi’s Gymstick ClassGymstick class

The Benefits

  • Improves muscle strength (including large muscle groups and smaller often weaker ones around the joints)
  • Endurance
  • Increase balance
  • Joint stability
  • Coordination
  • Mobility
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Postural awareness
  • Cannot be replicated with traditional resistance machinery found in most fitness centres

The Gymstick is designed to offer total body resistance training by allowing for hundreds of movements and variation replicating free weight exercises. However, unlike free weights which introduce a load in a downward direction due to gravity, Gymstick provides resistance in virtually any desired direction and in any position.

Gymstick also has attachment points to either side of the body’s centre of gravity which means the more the bands are stretched, the greater the challenge on the body’s musculature to maintain a stable trunk position.  This ensures the body’s core is effectively ‘switched on’ during the most basic exercises.  The instability created by this lever arch also helps to improve joint strength and  stability.

No contract. No joining fee.
Pay $15 per session or $100 for 10 week term.
School holidays at my discretion. To secure your place, bookings are advised as I only have 19 Gymsticks.

Heidi's Promo Gymstick

A promotion of Gymstick classes for those of you who don't know what it is. Many thanks to Karen Kean <offthecuffvideo@gmail.com> Gayel and my class for allowing themselves to be video'd to show you that it is an amazing workout for all body types, strengths and abilities. This class is in Mt Pleasant Memorial Community Centre & Residents Assn Inc McCormacks Bay Road ChCh NZ. Mon 9am and Tues 7pm drop in classes $10 Gymsticks and mats provided.

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Day Time Class Location Address
Mon 9am Gymstick Mt Pleasant Mount Pleasant Community Centre, McCormacks Bay Rd
Tue 7pm Gymstick Mt Pleasant Mount Pleasant Community Centre, McCormacks Bay Rd